Mike Giles

November 21, 9:30am - 11:00am MST. Hosted at Lab Phoenix

part of a series on Chance

About the speaker

Mike Giles Monomyth Studio // Founder + Art Director

Mike is a Maryland-born graphic designer, illustrator and copywriter. As a founder and art director of Monomyth, a collaborative design studio in downtown Phoenix, Mike oversees the transformation of brands into marketplace heroes.

After graduating with BAs in Graphic Design and Studio Art, he traded the forest for mountains and headed west. Over the last decade, Mike has honed his passion for brand development working a variety of roles, including freelancer, art director and in-house for non-profits. He is a firm believer in agency collaboration as a catalyst for community growth in Phoenix.

Twitter / Instagram @mikegiles Web / monomythstudio.com

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