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At our breakfast this month, we’ll be talking and experiencing fantasy together with аn artist by soul and calling - Mihail Dimov. We will focus on combining the world of imagination and the “other world” we live in, and why this is important. We will talk about the power of the creative act as a way of creating new forms of connectedness, and how to escape the traps of psychological inertia.

Mihail Dimov is an architect of the Sensory theatre and if you’ve passed through the CREAtorium in NDK this year, he may have led you by the hand in the darkness. The labyrinth of the senses is an experience in a magical, imaginary world, beyond time and the limitations of our daily lives, where you turn on all your senses and become an active participant in your own story. You remember and feel a lot of forgotten emotions and dreams - something which Mihail tries to inspire in people every day. He has graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, founded The institute for studying silence, and Global Vision Circle. Music is also an inseparable part of his life in all forms and in various situations.

We can talk about Mihail for ages, and he himself is full of stories and experiences, so we’ll be happy to see you and fantasise together on the 25th.

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