Space Architect Michal Ziso blows our mind on designing for diversity

About the speaker

Michal Ziso is the founder of ZISO: an architecture studio at the intersection of innovation, space and human equality; and the founder of the social space venture, Mars is More.

A visionary architect practicing for almost a decade in Israel and NYC, she has extensive experience in skyscrapers and urban renewal projects. A graduate of the Technion, she also served in the elite IDF unit 8200. Taken together Michal brings a rare combination of creative skills, intelligence data analysis and technical abilities to every project – abilities she used to manifest into a Space Architect.

She is a two time TEDx lecturer with a mission to create a built environment that best fits the needs of its diverse users to ensure well-being and to challenge the status quo of gender based roles in society. Michal is actively raising awareness for gender and human equality through work with international organizations such as Global Citizen, UN SDG, EqualityNow and Her studio, ZISO, was recently chosen to be part of the 10 top global initiatives fighting for gender equality by the UN SDG Action Campaign.

A proud activist and avid traveller, Michal is inspired by cultures, diversity, and the various ways people use space on earth and beyond.

Come hear her story…

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