Micah Blaise of Girls Rock Charleston

Hosted at Charleston Library Society

part of a series on Action

About the speaker

Girls Rock Charleston! (GRC) is a nonprofit youth education organization that works to empower girls and trans* youth through music education, DIY media, and creative collaboration. GRC hosts year-round programming, including a summer camp for youth ages nine to seventeen, and an after-school program for youth ages thirteen to eighteen. GRC also partners with organizations and events throughout the year that lift the voices of girls, trans* youth and other marginalized groups. Since its inception in 2011, the organization has become increasingly focused on facilitating youth leadership development and cultural work within the broader Charleston community. For example, GRC is currently working to interrupt youth involvement in the juvenile justice system by building a strong intergenerational mentorship program that facilitates creative collaboration among youth and provides them with the support to build and sustain a movement for racial, gender and economic justice in Charleston. GRC is totally stoked about this programming and its potential to positively impact everyone in the Charleston community.

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Additional details

Micah, program director of Girls Rock Charleston, will be dropping hard lines about using your creativity for social change.