Maybe gender, maybe anything - equality is justice

August 30, 8:30am - 10:00am WEST. Hosted at Beta-i

part of a series on Justice

About the speaker

[hashtag]nãoénormal is a movement that aims to promote gender equality and to deconstruct any act of sexism, with a particular focus on small devalued gestures and behaviors, commonly accepted by our society.

For Ana Esteves and Diogo Faro, this month’s speakers, Equality is Justice.

Ana was born and raised in Porto, but spent a few years working in Macau and India. Today, she lives in Lisboa, where she divides her time between consulting in organizational transformation and trying to make the world a little bit better.

Diogo says he only thing you need to know about him is that he is a comedian, travels a lot and appreciates the bohemian life. Oh, and he also thinks Human Rights are something more or less important to fight for.

Local partners

Additional details

::August’s theme is Justice::

Justice can be a path to healing in fractured times.

When we envision moments related to justice, we often think of suits, a gavel hitting the surface of a desk, or people marching in the streets. Change happens when enough people raise their hand to work together.

Author Omid Safi wrote, “Justice is love, embodied. We cannot speak of love without linking it to justice, nor of justice unless it is permeated by love.” Justice is restorative when empathetic and innovative solutions are brought to the forefront.

Through generous listening, we all hold the ability to form moments where people can feel safe, strong, and at ease.

Our Bratislava chapter chose this month’s exploration of and Simona Cechova illustrated the theme.

This month, to talk about Justice we will be acommodated by Beta-i.

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