Within psychoanalysis, the concept of anxiety is crucial because symptoms of psychopathology are viewed as attempts to avoid this experience.

Through her studies and work with general population with ’problems of everyday life’, as well as individuals suffering from mental health issues, ranging from depression to psychotic disorders, Masa has found that contemporary psychoanalysis offers the best possible insights that can help mental health professionals - but also each one of us - to understand ourselves better. Uncovering the richness of inner life and relationships that build and shape us is her major professional passion. Whenever we are faced with tension within ourselves, or when someone who is important to us is experiencing it, we are challenged to contain, mentalize, and pacify it. Usually, this is not an easy task and fast answers and shortcuts are not available. However, when we find out more about the ways in which ’the mind works’, we are closer to a life in which we can approach our emotions in a calmer way, or one in which we will ask for help before we engage in maladaptive or destructive behaviours.

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Masa Bozovic, clinical psychologist, is a PhD candidate cooperating with International Psychoanalytic University, Berlin and a psychotherapist in training. She has a background in clinical work and human rights advocacy. Her main research interests are mentalization and attachment theory. Currently, she is working at Stillpoint Spaces Berlin, counselling and educational space that organizes lectures, discussions, and art events related to psychoanalysis and depth psychology.

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