Markéta Nováková & Mira Podmanická

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Markéta and Mirka are colleagues from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava. Markéta is spec. assistant at the Department of Applied Arts in ceramics. She is dedicated to ceramics, porcelain is her favourite material. She works with geometric shapes, especially in her designs of utility objects for interior. Mirka is a spec. assistant at the Department of Sculpture, Object and Installation. When working with objects and installations she uses various, often non-traditional materials. She likes an overlap into other media and collaboration. Markéta and Mirka have started working together since 2013 on the collection of vases vases Bio-0-5 (bio as life, nature, inspired by a collection of herbarium herbs). They have linked sculptural casting techniques (flowers and insects) with ceramic (porcelain casting into plaster molds) for collection of vases. The most recent mutual collaboration is a collection of vases IN, where they work with the inside of vases.