Times are tough. But Mark believes that more we acknowledge it, the more we deepen our relationships, the more beautiful questions we ask, the more space we create, the more beautiful we’ll come out of this together.

“I think it’s safe to say that we’re going through something right now. Insecurity is putting it lightly. Call it a trauma. But even that can fall a little flat. Because it’s experienced so differently by each of us. That’s the thing with trauma. However you’re experiencing it is real–and we should feel that. Lean into it. Here’s the first lesson insecurity taught me about life.”

About the speaker

Mark Magellan’s mission is to connect people, communities, and organizations to purpose and their story. That’s why he founded Proud Humans. They’re all about getting to the heart of stories that make people proud when they tell them. Those of triumph and joy; of the underdog; of people doing good in the world for damn good reasons.

Before founding Proud Humans, Mark was an IDEO designer and worked at the intersection of storytelling and design. While there, he helped launch IDEO U, IDEO’s learning platform for leadership and design thinking, which would grow its community to over 40,000 learners worldwide in just four years. He’s also the founder of Anywhere, an art collective in San Francisco focused on inspiring connection through immersive experience design.

His big question is: How might we use design as a vehicle for inclusivity, awe, and connection?

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