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Marie Fitzpatrick & Nic Murray, of the Good Bitches Baking Trust

In 2014, distressed about the sorry state of the world, Marie Fitzpatrick & Nic Murray did the most sensible thing they could think of – got drunk and whinged. And then got very drunk and decided it would be totally possible to bake things better. In the absence of any other ideas for saving the world, they decided to run with it and have been ever since. Turns out a LOT of other people want to bake it better too.

The (sober) hypothesis of the Good Bitches Baking Trust is this: by providing a “moment of sweetness” on an otherwise shitty day, the spirits of strangers can be lifted just enough to get them through that day, and if they got through that day – maybe one they thought they couldn’t get through - then they could get through the next.

It might sound like a fairly ridiculous thing to expect from a piece of cake, but Marie and Nic knew from their own dark days that an act of kindness or a moment of respite, no matter how small, can be day-changing.

Good Bitches Baking isn’t about baking. It’s about creating that moment of respite. It’s about small things having a big impact, on everyone involved. Maire and Nic will share some of these moments with us, and explain why moments of sweetness are more important than ever right now.

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