In her talk, Marianne traces her path to becoming the first female Master Distiller in Kentucky. Growing up she always considered herself an artful creative type. But she ultimately chose a career path that is heavily scientific and analytical. At Castle & Key, she is currently blending it all together, with a principled approach that combines imaginative thinking, scientific innovation and reverence for the traditions of spirit distillation together. At the foundation of it is a respect for the essentials—the elements (including Kentucky limestone water), the ingredients, the people and places that make Kentucky an unrivaled place for distillation.

About the speaker

Raised and educated in Kentucky, Marianne’s rise in the spirits industry is a product of dedication, hard work, and natural born talent. After graduating with a chemical engineering degree, Marianne pursued her passion for fine spirits, working her way up the ranks at a global spirits company until she earned the title of Master Taster.

In 2015, she was sought out by Will and Wes to be their partner and the Master Distiller of Castle & Key Distillery. After her first visit, the decision to join this bold team was clear. She would leave her comfortable corporate job and strike out to fulfill a shared vision.

Eaves is a leader in the new generation of spirits professionals shaping the industry. Her process and vision are informed by her uncompromising commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation.

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There's so much opportunity for us to transform and evolve if we're not scared of what might lie ahead of us. If we stick so firmly in the rivers that are comfortable to us we might not ever break free finding the cracks and crevices that water tends to find, being fluid and open to new opportunities that might come our way. — Marianne Eaves

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