Marc Hemeon, co-founder of North Technologies and Entrepreneur in Residence at Google Ventures, talks about how not to take chances, be civil, give props, and work your ass off.

About the speaker

Marc Hemeon is a man of the world, a man of the people. In his professional career, Marc has given his all to the creation of new things - ideas, media, content, designs, business models, etc. He has led design groups in mature business as well as startups. He is an idea generator, developer and collaborator.

Marc is in his element inventing new paradigms, where his creativity can take over and run with new ideas. He is the co-founder of YayNay, fflick, teefury, designbyhumans, and MedSphere. He has led design at Oakley, digg, and YouTube and currently lends design help to Google X and various Google Ads products.

Perhaps more importantly, in his personal life, Marc lives for adventure. Whether it’s surfing (in SoCal, Hawaii, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama or Peru), or painting one of his hundreds of original ocean landscapes, or teaching his two daughters and one mancub the joys of humanitarianism, Marc always lives in the moment.

tl;dr: Since 1975, Mar Hemeon has harnessed the powers of ADHD for good.

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