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Marc Atallah is Director of Maison d’Ailleurs (museum of science fiction, utopia and extraordinary journeys) and Professor at the French department of the University of Lausanne. His researches are mainly related to « conjectural literatures » (utopia, dystopia, imaginary journeys, science fiction) and to literary theories (genres and fiction theories).

He has written many papers and co-edited several books, including L’Homme-machine et ses avatars (2011), Souvenirs du Futur. Les Miroirs de la Maison d’Ailleurs (2013), Pouvoirs des jeux vidéo (2015), Portrait-Robot ou Les multiples visages de l’humanité (2015), L’Art de la science-fiction (2016), Pop Art, mon Amour. L’art de Tadanori Yokoo et du manga (2016) and Je suis ton père ! Origines et héritages d’une saga intergalactique (2017).

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