Gary Gaston interviews Manuel Zeitlin about keeping things raw and exciting in Nashville’s changing landscape.

Manuel Zeitlin talks about innovation, intuition, constant learning and the real opportunities and struggles for Nashville. Manuel shares his experience and ideas about architecture, affordable housing, artist collectives, his passion for sustainability and bringing people together in inventive collaborative spaces.

About the speaker

Since Manuel quit flying almost 30 years ago, his motivation to help make Nashville a world-class city is self-serving, “If I’m going to be here for the most part, I want it to be really interesting.”

Manuel founded Manuel Zeitlin Architects (MZA) in 1981. He & his wife, Janice, also kick started the local art scene when they created Zeitgeist gallery 21 years ago at Cummins Station; not to mention creating one of Nashville’s first collaborative work spaces… in a building few people may know was an early project for MZA.

Manuel’s passions are his family, his work, being a closet foodie and, for the last 3 years… golf. His favorite quote about himself: ‘think outside the box? Manuel doesn’t know what the box is..'

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