Coding for magic

September 30, 8:30am - 9:30am CEST. Hosted at Frog Milan

part of a series on Magic

About the speaker

Enrico Viola is a creative coder, a hybrid figure working at the intersection between software development and design. Since 2009 he specializes in live shows and interactive installations, constantly looking for new ways to tell stories with software, new ways to interact with his public and to craft experiences worth remembering.

Most of his work focuses on the creation of a certain sense of wonder, using a wide spectrum of media and techniques, often exploring ways to cast technological illusion.

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In bar room jokes, coding and magic often share a few similarities: to the non-coder, the perceived obscurity in source code somehow reflects the arcane words in a magic spell and, when a skilled coder lands a particularly clever hack, the result can be perceived as incredible, almost magic. Writing software to be used by an illusionist in his shows, Enrico spends a significative amount of time thinking about these similarities: why such a powerful expressive tool as programming languages is so intimidating for so many (digital and analogic) storytellers? Is there such a thing as a recipe to reliably inspire a sense of wonder (ab)using technology?