Madison Hamman shares with us his experience at Singularity University and insight into the future of technology and robotics.

Our speaker at the May 2015 CreativeMornings/Louisville was Madison Hamman.

About the speaker

Madison began his career at Samtec Inc, a privately held, 500 million dollar electronic component company. Madison has held several positions at Samtec including roles in product market development, and application specific engineering. Madison departed Samtec to help start Mavizon, a connected car startup disrupting the after-market wireless devices space. After leaving Mavizon in 2012, he joined BlueSky to put his startup experience to use helping BlueSky identify new areas of opportunity with a particular focus on Robotics. He attended Singularity University in Mountain View California where he was introduced to, and learned from, some of the leading roboticists in the world. Singularity’s mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.

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The reason why I'm involved in so many random startups is because I'm learning lessons faster than I would in a university who has to wait on accreditation, and by the time they get accredited, the skill they were teaching is irrelevant. — Madison Hamman

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    @Madison, I simply love your work.. keep it up.. :)

    Susan Diaz • June 4, 2015