When we’re in the state of flow it’s not necessarily about us anymore. What are we doing here not just for us, but for the universal good?

When we start queuing in to the synchronicities. When we start queuing into our intuition, we actually are not queuing not to our ego, (the defense of all this onslaught of terror and doubt.) We start queuing in to the deeper self.And once we reach that deeper self we can actually start working because we’re not working from a place of Space of fear. We’re not working from a space of defense.We’re not working from a space of, “look at me. look how great I am and look at all these things I’m doing and look at how hard I’m working. look at how much I do”. When we dig past the ego we get to the true self. That self is the one that should be working. That’s the one that can be in the state of flow

About the speaker

Madazon Can-Can is a working performance artist in Salt Lake City, UT. She specializes in clown, puppetry, burlesque and drag performance that encapsulates current social issues as well as the radically unique expanse of the human experience. A regular weirdo and full time academic, she strives to create radical conversations on Art and Love in everything she produces.

Madazon just completed her second installment of her award winning Fringe show, “Genit-HELL YEAH!” and is currently completing her Masters in Education with a Burlesque emphasis. She strives to invade academia with her diehard Vaudevillian spirit and speaks regularly on why clowns are necessary to the evolution of how we interact as human beings on this planet at this time.

She truly proves that if anyone can…Madazon Can-Can.

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