Lucas shows us what ‘creativity under pressure’ really means

About the speaker

Lucas Handley is a Marine Scientist and an Underwater Photographer. He specialises in living with pressure, when keeping calm at work can mean life or death. On a single breath, he pushes his body to the limit as a freediver, not only in the pursuit of the oceans depths, but as a freedive-spearfishing guide and underwater photographer. With a 6 minute breath-hold, he descends to depths of over 50m to get the job done.

His background as a marine scientist, lead him toward ocean related film and TV. Appearing as a host on Discovery Channel, and as a key character and contributing cinematographer to the Internationally acclaimed film, ‘Blue.’ He has put our changing oceans, and our place within them, into the spotlight.

Lucas is also a Freedive instructor and philanthropist, working alongside Scuba For Change, a Not For Profit business, set up around underwater tourism, he supports developing communities and sustainable use of their environments. He regularly runs “re-wilding” experiences; taking groups of people back into the remote corners of the watery globe to learn how to freedive, spearfish and live off the land. ‘Born a fish forced to walk’, he offers a hands-on, experience based perspective on what it is like to live a life underwater, in some of the most unpredictable and turbulent places on earth.

A Keynote speaker at Australian Geographic Explorers Club and Australian National Museum, Lucas has presented on the adaptation, psychology and physiology to living underwater. Supported by stunning underwater imagery and engaging story telling. His presentation focuses on retraining your mind to anticipate and relax through periods of stress. Audience participation is expected (and anticipated) as we follow the challenge of reprogramming our minds and bodies.

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