Busty blond Shoshke and her creator Ze'ev Engelmayer walk us through fun, funny and ironic moments in Shoshke’s legendary life. A jumble of hilarious and sincere stories from an Israeli diva’s perspective.

About the speaker

Shoshke Engelmayer, is the brainchild of the renowned illustrator, Facebook personality and visual artist Ze'ev Engelmayer. Real-life Shoshke took Tel Aviv by storm – a blond, busty gal – emerging naked from her oyster shell into the city’s loving arms just last year. Since then the fun-loving, party-animal Shoshke’s performances have grown in number, bringing the carefree cartoon to the streets of Tel Aviv and as far afield as Paris. Since her unexpected birth, she’s featured in a custom clothing catwalk, agreed to be the lead singer of a band and is currently drafting a prime ministerial platform meant to change the face of Israel. To Shoshke, everything in life is about “play,” confusing definitions, and being yourself - making her a true embodiment of the spirit of disobedience.

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