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It’s our final episode for 2020!

We draw to a close the curtain on our CreativeMornings Cape Town stage with this month’s theme truly cutting to the crux of what this weird and wonderful year has been - RADICAL!

From originally stemming to mean the ‘root’ of something, even the meaning and use of this word, Radical, has magically shaped its way into being the word to describe the fundamental change in something - far-reaching from its origin or norm.

So, what does being radical look like? There is no simple answer and the experience of it is certainly relative. This month we get to share in the ideas and explorations of an individual who has certainly walked a radical path in his journey of life so far.

We welcome to our virtual stage, Léon Kowalski, the Founder and Director of Cape Crypto. This proudly South African and Cape Town based crypto-exchange launched this month as the fresh face on the local crypto-scene.

Léon has a diverse IT background servicing SME’s, delving into freelance software development and gaining experience in product management from working in various start-up and customer-facing companies across continents.

However, as Léon has shared with us, getting to where he is today has included many up-rooting moments of radical change in career and in personal development. Listening to his vibrant descriptions of currencies and decentralisation, it came as no surprise to learn that besides for his love of tech, he is passionate about the creative arts and also studied acting and film making in order to be a part of the magic that the sets and stages of films, theatre and television of the world can bring.

We look forward to him joining us on 27 November 2020 to chat about what it means to embrace new ideas and open doors to rooms in ourselves and in the world which we have yet to explore.


This is a VIRTUAL event, happening online. Please scroll down to find more information on how to attend.

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