Entrepreneurs are Born & Made

During an interview as a nomine of the Spirit of Entreprise award, she was asked for her definition of an entrepreneur and she said, “I think there are two kinds of entrepreneurs. Some people are born to be one. They have a certain drive that they’re going to get into business: they are the kids who sell you stickers, collect fees for doing your homework, and start a business in university. Some people, like us at the School of Thought, fall into the other class: the accidental entrepreneur. We didn’t begin as that type of person but opportunity appears in your life and you decide to take a risk to do it. Through patience and perseverance, going through the hard mental and physical process of seeing things through, you become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can be both born and made. They are just people who don’t know how to say no to that itch to do something. They think about it and then they just go on and do it. And when they are done, they find another itch to scratch. They are just not content with an ordinary passive life.”

About the speaker

Shiao Yin is an entrepreneur who built a series of ventures on all things good in sunny Singapore. Together with two partners, she runs School of Thought, a civic education and umbrella venture to a group of social enterprises called The Thought Collective, and Food for Thought, a socially ethical restaurant. With just the right mix of idealism, creativity and business skills, Yin proves that today’s entrepreneurs are indeed making the world a better place.

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