Kristen’s talk was on the subject of equality focusing on the pressing issue of sustainability in fashion.

The word sustainability has become so convoluted that it is often misunderstood and in Kristen’s opinion it is about improving the current system. One subject that is highly debated in the industry is who’s responsibility is it to change and improve, the consumer or the brand? In Kristen’s talk she addressed that both parties have equal responsibility to improve and be more transparent. Brands have the responsibility to give the information to the consumer and consumers have the responsibility to request and push brands for more information. It is a very large task to change our mindsets both from a production and consumption standpoint. However, if both sides take equal responsibility to change, we will see a shift in the way we produce and consume going forward.

About the speaker

Kristen Nuttall is based in Berlin and founded Applied Solutions for Sustainable Progress (Appso-Supro) in 2013. Appso-Supro works with fashion brands and universities to educate and develop innovative strategies catered to brands/companies’ responsible and improved use of materials.

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