December 3, 9:00am - 11:00am WIB. Hosted at Sari Pan Pacific Jakarta

part of a series on Fantasy

About the speaker

Kemas Dwisatria Ramadhana or known as KemasAcil is a freelance illustrator and art director based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was trained as a visual communication designer and pursue his professional career in design agency, yet his childhood passion of drawing with strong Japanese pop-culture influence allows him to explore playfully on doodles.

He is the finalist of Versus Competition in FGD Expo 2009, and later joins several exhibitions: ACT Exhibition in 1/15 Coffee Gandaria (2012), Posters Exhibition “Hore” Anti-smoking Campaign in Alun-Alun Grand Indonesia (2013), and POPMART 2016 “Mad House” Exhibition together with a collective studio Tomodachi which he founded with friends. You can see his commercial work in Pocari Sweat Indonesia, Papa Bears Cafe, Kitsune Bento, Pepsodent, among other works he produce within the creative agency he’s currently working with: Olrange Agency Jakarta.

One of his most popular work is Ultraman Doodle where he superimposed the Ultraman character into Tokyo’s urban scene with doodle-on-picture technique. He then initiate #MenggambarUltramanBersama, inviting his instagram followers to doodle the Ultraman character into their everyday life, to commemorate #Ultraman50thAnniversary in last July.

His work is all hearts and doodling is the medium for him to celebrate fantasy #InACreativeWorld he lives in.

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