Keith York

October 25, 8:30am - 10:00am PDT. Hosted at San Diego Central Library

part of a series on Flow

About the speaker

Through lectures, tours, publications, curated exhibitions and his site,, Keith York has broadened and deepened public understanding of 20th-century modern architecture in San Diego County. Beyond his work, as a Realtor, buying and selling architect designed homes, he is working on the restoration of his second mid-century, architect designed home, by an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright in in Point Loma. Keith recently curated Frank Lloyd Wright’s Legacy in San Diego and contributed to the book Making LA Modern: Craig Ellwood. And now on view through January 19, 2020 is his two-site exhibition Julius Shulman: Modern La Jolla at La Jolla Historical Society and Julius Shulman: Modern San Diego at San Diego Central Library Art Gallery. Keith is already at work on an exhibition and accompanying monograph on architect Sim Bruce Richards titled The Sensuous Environment.