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Karen Anderson’s life-long love of both miniatures and street art culminated in her dream job as the Founding Director and Principal Artist of Tiny Doors ATL. Before graduating with a degree in Visual Art from Rutgers University, she took years off to play bass in a touring jazz/punk band, gaining a deep appreciation for community created through art. Her work has been featured in Oprah Magazine, NPR, the Travel Channel, Slate.com, Buzzfeed, and more. On any given day, Karen can be found on street-level around Atlanta, maintaining her miniature installations and chatting with passers-by.

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I can do this, but what's the backlash? ...what's going to happen? I want to share this, it's a dream project—everyone is going to hate it... And, this felt even better—it made me feel this love from Atlanta. It kept me going. It reminds me everyday, that that curiosity, if it's true, if it's really speaking to you...that I felt that love, that I felt the embrace and I will always be grateful. — Karen Anderson

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