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A commitment is a promise to show up whether you’re having a good or bad day. It’s a behaviour and mindset that signifies the posture of a professional. It’s about saying yes with your whole heart. A creative life is built on the commitments you make to projects and people. It can feel like a leap of faith. But is that not the very essence of leading a creative life?

Let me introduce you the duo of May speakers – Jure and Marc. Who the hell are they?

Jure is a Slovenian guy, and Marc is French. Both living in Vilnius for quite a long time now. They both are…..chefs. And they do some great stuff here in Vilnius.

I will be honest, it’s kind of personal this time and let me tell you why. Both guys started and are still doing Open Kitchen here in Vilnius and Kaunas. I was a part of Open Kitchen once as well. And they were the ones who showed me CreativeMornings, and they are the part of making CM happen here in Vilnius.

Going through everything that‘s possible (good and bad) and still staying committed to the project and food. Come and join to hear their story.

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