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John is a husband to Shawndra and father to Ava. He moved to Atlanta in 2009 (with 25 of his closest friends) with the aim of seeing broken communities restored. That’s been his aim and everything he’s put his hands to has been done with the hope of seeing those aims actualized. John is a pastor, author, and most recently an entrepreneur attempting to pour a new narrative alongside Portrait Coffee.

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    John, thank you for this awesome talk! Such an important topic and amazing values and ideas being expressed through Portrait Coffee. 🙌 I'm in the UK, but I'm sharing your talk with my US based friends and will support from afar. We need those who produce our coffee, chocolate, clothing etc to be fairly compensated and I loved how you made connections to wealth disparity and race in the US and how geography is no accident. Thanks again & all the best!

    Stacey Burr

    Maaaan I loved this! Thank you!! I couldn't wait for it to end, because I wanted to share it with everyone I know as fast as I could. This is so good. I am inspired and I have homework. Thank you, sir!

    fred good