Cora Gordon & Jim Poyser

Hosted at Central Library

part of a series on Pioneer

About the speaker

Jim Poyser left his 2-decade career in journalism because of his urgency regarding climate change and future of our children and our children’s children. Thus he is the luckiest guy on earth to have joined Earth Charter Indiana as its executive director in September, 2013, to engage Indiana young people in climate leadership. He has been trained by the Climate Reality Project and has presented to over 10000 people, including live presentations, radio interviews, sermons and a TEDx talk. His climate change game show, The Ain’t Too Late Show, advances his mission of bringing humor to the heavy subject of climate change.

Cora Gordon is 16 years old and is a junior at North Central High School. She has been working with Earth Charter Indiana and Youth Power Indiana for the past four years. As one of the main youth leaders, Cora has visited many schools around the city talking to kids about Climate Change. She also became a strong leader in the youth-led Indianapolis Climate Resolution.