Jeremie Lederman

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Jeremie Lederman has been a designer and illustrator for as long as people have been willing to pay him. At 16, he was hired as a penciller by a former writer of Marvel’s Daredevil, and has never let up since. Among many other roles, he has been a faculty member of The Art Institute of Phoenix, served on the local board of the AIGA, and was the senior illustrator at The Arizona Republic. His career has touched on countless industries from newsprint, advertising, and magazines, to animation, brand design, and even inking an issue of SPAWN.

Jeremie’s clients include Microsoft, FORD, Hasbro, MTV, CNN, TOPPS, SLIPKNOT, and countless publications. One of the hallmarks to Jeremie’s work is his unusual creative process and an uncanny knowledge of where everything comes from.

“I find the origins and roots of humanity fascinating. The trick to having a storehouse of useless knowledge is knowing when to fish out the shiny object that can transform my client’s project into something meaningful and authentic.”

Currently Jeremie is based out of Gangplank Studio in Chandler, AZ and the owner of Lederman Studio serving clients nationwide.

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