Jen Urso

April 25, 7:30am - 9:00am MST. Hosted at Phoenix Art Museum

part of a series on Sex

About the speaker

Jen Urso has been an artist and graphic designer for over 15 years. After gigs creating graphics for screen printing, the local arts community, and sci fi, fantasy and horror novels, she now spends her work days creating graphics and processing products as the web coordinator for a large local adult products wholesaler. On any given day, you might find a vibrator, lube, butt plug, measuring tape, and Milky Way bar on her desk.

In 2013, Jen worked as the Senior Graphic Designer for the 2014 Entrenue Catalog, creating illustrations and designing over 300 pages of products showcasing the best in the Adult industry. After working for almost two years at Entrenue, she has found that bringing conceptual, thoughtful and elegant design, with a respectful mind to its diverse clients, continues to raise the bar within the industry, allowing it to be unintimidating, fun and without judgment.

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Let’s talk about sex PHX!

Keeping an open mind about your subject matter. The adult product industry is just as professional (if not more so) than any other. Especially when it comes to design and marketing.

Jen Urso will talk about her challenges and achievements on an Adult Industry catalog.