“Transparency” by Jeff Hamilton is CANCELLED

October 21, 8:30am - 10:00am +07. Hosted at BU Gallery

part of a series on Transparency

About the speaker

The event is CANCELLED! Jeff hamilton is an Industrial designer with 20 years product design experience and 10 years of experience in medical, consumer health, and life science products. Design experience ranging from robotic orthopedic instruments and cardiovascular handheld devices to a medical lab and home health aid products. Been in hundreds of operations, worked in countless hospitals all over the world.

In medical product design transparency is imperative! Research, data collection, synthesis, testing, validation, and verification must all be transparent processes.

How can creative people and designers use this knowledge to improve results in their own work? We will discuss this and other topics in the Creative Mornings Bangkok Event on October 21, 2016

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