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Husband, father, friend, pack animal, and madman hiding in plain sight.

EMMY winning composer and sound designer, Jason Hausman, is the owner of Hot Sakē, a creative sound studio that specializes in scoring, Foley and sound design for film, TV and new media. Singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, hunt-and-peck pianist, and banned in the 6th grade from ever shouldering a violin again. Jason believes the world is an instrument, in making new rules, and desperately hopes that in his next life his superpower will be to remember peoples’ names. He prefers to get all his news from headlines and memes on social media, so that he can debate intelligently with his friends (fuck the news). He does not believe in bad words, just the bad people behind them (fuck bad people). Kicked out of Sunday School, struck by lightning, and one of a handful of survivors of growing up in Terre Haute, Indiana, Jason is a Master Falconer, lover of old cars and motorcycles, and is right now fighting the urge to vanish into the wilderness.

Jason’s, first job was as a “carnie”, which soon propelled him into a stepping-stone career as a bouncer. He now fronts as a composer working on projects for Rubbermaid, Bojangles’, PBS, GE, Sony Pictures, Discovery, ESPN, and more. He has scored shows and specials for network television, and has created music for Super Bowl ads, iPhone games, best-selling children’s products, and art installations, to name a few. Hausman has carved out a niche in this competitive industry as a composer and sound designer who brings an adventurous approach to each composition and is most often asked to come in at the inception of a project. This early collaboration between producer and client helps to create branding and creative that, no matter what the medium, feels fresh and cohesive. Jason is known for creating sound and music out of objects which would seem unlikely options for musical expression. Traffic signs, pinecones, dumpsters, animal sounds, buildings and often the products themselves.

Before his career in commercial and film music, Jason gigged and gigged, fronting several bands and as a solo artist. Though no longer touring, Jason still releases his own music. His works include features by Snoop Dogg, Steve Rothery, of the legendary UK rock band Marillion, Dave Foster of Mr. So & So & Panic Room, Matt Postle and Troy Conn.

Jason also produces R&B and alternative Hip Hop, and recently formed a new project with local singer/songwriter Emily Sage dubbed SAGEHAUS (@sagehausmusic). This project was created after a conversation regarding the desire for more collaboration between music artists in the Charlotte area. The first SAGEHAUS single Brighter was released earlier this year and was featured on the General Electric national advertising campaign by local ad agency Wray Ward. The single includes guest appearances by Maria Howell, Yung Citizen, and backup vocals by Emil Foster. SAGEHAUS has several collaborations brewing with Yung Citizen and Tecoby, as well as some tracks for an upcoming feature film.

Beyond his company Hot Sake, Jason signed on as the General Manager of Groundcrew Sound in 2015. Groundcrew is an audio post production and voiceover studio. Just a few of Groundcrew’s projects include Cinemax’s Warrior, AMC’s The Walking Dead, HBO’s Big Little Lies and PIXAR’s Cars 3.

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