How to reconnect with the genius in you? by Dr. Detlef Reis

August 18, 8:30am - 10:00am +07. Hosted at BU Gallery

part of a series on Genius

About the speaker

How to reconnect with the genius in you?

“There is a genius in all of us,” believed Albert Einstein. Do you agree? Are you a genius? Dr Detlef Reis (aka Dr D) believes that Albert Einstein is right. We’re all geniuses, or at least we were once upon when we were very young. But unfortunately, most of us got disconnected from their inner genius in the education and socialization process. As the ingenious architect Richard Buckminster Fuller put it: “Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.” So, what can you do to rediscover your creative self and your natural creativity? What can you do to find reconnect to your inner genius? Simply join this talk and learn about Genius Journey®, a new creative leadership development method. Genius Journey sends would-be creative leaders on a journey to find your inner genius. At each of the ten destination stop of the journey, you find out what limiting mindsets that hold you back, and what empowering mindsets top creative leaders employ instead to produce outstanding ideas and results. Ready to learn on how to start your journey?

Speaker Bio

Dr Detlef Reis (aka “Dr D”) is the Founder and Chief Ideator of Thinkergy, an Asian innovation company that is on a mission to create innovators through a global network of licensing partners. Dr D is also the inventor of Thinkergy’s four proprietary innovation methods (X-IDEA; Genius Journey; TIPS; and CooL). He is a regular blogger and Bangkok Post columnist, the author of 4 innovation books on business creativity (that are in the publication process), and a sought after keynote speaker. Dr D is also an Assistant Professor at the IKI-SEA at Bangkok University and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University. He used to lecture at the College of Management, Mahidol University for more than a decade. His research focuses on innovation methods as well as teaching and learning creativity and innovation. Dr D looks back on a business career of more than 16 years with Deutsche Bank in Germany, Vietnam, the Philippines and Hong Kong, where he held a position of Vice President in the Global Banking Division before starting Thinkergy in 2005.

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