Historic Landmark Talk & Tour

November 2, 8:00am - 9:30am CDT. Hosted at Cranfill-Beacham Apartments

About this FieldTrip

Architect Harwell Hamilton Harris designed this humble 3-unit apartment building in 1950, shortly after moving to Austin from Los Angeles to head the newly-formed University of Texas school of architecture. A fine example of a building in harmony with its context, melding formal design principles with the landscape, climate, and materials of central Texas, this mid-century modern masterpiece has withstood the test of time and is now recognized as a historic landmark at the city, state and national level.

Marketing a special property like this for sale requires a team effort, like an art gallery offering a work of art. In this FieldTrip, architecture Broker Brian Linder, AIA, will talk about this process, with input from interior designer Linda Klugman, stager Georgia Keith, and architectural photographer Andrea Calo. The property owner will also share his experience living in this unique work of architectural art, from single man to husband and finally father of two, and how this moved him to commission a new home by Murray Legge Architecture to accommodate his growing family.

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