Grégoire Loretan

Hosted at Maison des Arts du Grütli

part of a series on Space

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Swiss Space Systems - S3, young aerospace company was officially launched in march 2013 and entered the market of satellites launching systems with a new way of thinking space and with the goal of launching its first satellites in 2018 already. Strong of a wide network of prestigious international partners who share S3’s vision of giving access to space for all, the company proposes a launching system in which the main elements - an Airbus A300 and the suborbital shuttle - are reusable.

S3 comes also with a business model inspired from commercial aviation and its developments in terms of efficiency, security and democratization. A democratization that they want to apply to the field of space; first with a launch of small satellites at a fair price, then through a version of its suborbital shuttle designed for passenger transport, based on the experience gained in the satellites related program.

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Come share this vision of “space for all” with Grégoire Loretan, Head of Communications.