November 7, 8:30am - 10:00am CET. Hosted at Frog Milan

part of a series on Crossover

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Obsessed with hybridization

Giulio will tell us how Mammafotogramma used hybridization as creative tool and work environment. He’s going to present a sequence of realized and unrealized projects, a wide range of ideas across arts and craft that Mammafotogramma Studio had the possibility to explore in the past years stretching the team depending on the required skills.

Hybrid projects require a complex mix of experiences that are often not already mastered inside the components of the studio, it is in those cases that you really take advantage and learn from other professionals.

Starting from Wood-Skin™, a project that recently became a company itself, the presentation will follow a path between craft projects, digital projects and stop motion animation. Competences that sometimes come together to create a complex path and cutting edge interactive spaces / objects.

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Mammafotogramma projects range from audiovisual production and Stop-motion animation to Interaction and architecture. Mammafotogramma are architects, painters, illustrators and artisans working together with people and technology. The character of their work gains its identity through craftsmanship - hand-tooled artifacts, miniature sets and puppets - that reveals the poetics of the medium. The adventures of working with a mixture of disparate materials and technologies has led us down many an expressive path. Recents Projects: Vans Action Gallery (2013) Sval and Bard (2014) Red Bull Arena (2013) Madina Zeotrope (2014) We Make interiors (2014)