Giuliana Serena

Hosted at Odd Fellows Hall

part of a series on Time

About the speaker

Giuliana Serena is a Ceremonialist, Rites-of-Passage Facilitator and the creator of Moontime Rising. For the past decade, she’s been asking; “How does the way we perceive and track the passage of time influence our experience of each moment, and our conception of which moments matter?” and "How are people individually and collectively influenced by the cycles of nature? How can we integrate this knowledge to grow as individuals, and come together in community and as a society?”

Giuliana will discuss some of the surprising ways in which the calendar we use every day – and tend not to question – influences society, culture, creativity and the quality of our individual and collective lives. And how the underpinnings of the methods we use to track the passage of time have the power to separate us from experiencing it fully and enjoying the time we have. Come join the discussion!

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