Gerbrand van Melle speaks about his experiences, his work and the magic the brings it all together.

Magic is about adding layers of wonder and surprise in our lives. Whether it’s the magic of a workplace, a show, performance, or one of those moments with great customer support, it awakens our senses and makes us pay attention to the world, encouraging us to appreciate details that are elusive in everyday life.

Magic, it’s everywhere you look, if you’re open to it. As British author Roald Dahl so famously said,

“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Gerbrand van Melle, aka G, is definitely a believer, he looks to the world and sees all the hidden magic. His design process inquires into the incorporation of both artificial and natural methods of object creation. The aim is to work in nature, and to work with nature and by learning from natural living systems to also make as nature. Here design is a circular interdependent investigation into a continuously changing environment in which the outcome is unpredictable. Here living structures unfold step by step, like magic.

About the speaker

Starting his design career in the early nineties in Utrecht, the Netherlands, it was exciting times for G. With friends from design school he started a cooperative group of creative talents called AAP (‘Monkey’ in Dutch). 25 years later he finds himself leading the UX/UI pathway in the department of Communication Design at AUT. He is also involved in co-organising TEDxWaiheke and UX Homegrown.

Currently absorbed with his PhD he got only slightly obsessed with User Experience Design, Second Order Cybernetics, Pattern Language, and Chocolate and Bees.

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