Freedom. A delicate topic that raises more questions than answers. The condition of the artist should be the greatest expression of freedom, but is the artist really free? How much freedom there is in the creative process? Above all, how simple or difficult is living a creative life without shelters? Domenico Romeo is a a creative that divides his work and life between art and design. He will share his personal work experience inspecting the necessity to alternate free mind processes and work constrained by a brief. He will also tell us how this dualism is influencing his life.

About the speaker

“Domenico, a designer, an illustrator, an artist in search of himself. His work is cryptic and introspective. An aspect that you fully get analyzing and admiring his works , which are often composed of a secret alphabet, which he himself designed. The letters make long sentences and sometimes draw silhouette of objects or animals. Everything immerse into galactic geometries belonging to other and interior universes. A really hypnotic work.”

Source: The Chic Fish

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