Eric Joule on cleaning up the ugly world of fashion

About the speaker

A chief innovator hell-bent on always challenging the status quo, Erik Joule has worked with some of the biggest names in apparel, tech and business. He served as Senior Vice President of Global Merchandising and Design at Levi’s—spearheading their Waterless Denim program and Commuter Series. Most recently, Joule served as President & Chief Merchandising Officer at Alternative in Downtown LA, building a new team to lead the brand in sustainability and consumer product innovation.

After two years with Alternative, Joule has transitioned from the apparel to tech industry to lead as Chief Marketing and Commerce Officer at Strava, Inc., the SF based platform that connects, motivates and entertains the global community of athletes. As an avid cyclist living and riding daily in the San Francisco Bay Area, Joule always loves a challenge to innovate and propel brands beyond the everyday. He started his career in the stockroom of a Gap store in 1990 and continues to tackle new opportunities with passion and purpose.

Coinciding with Creative Morning’s January theme “Ugly,” Erik Joule will speak on his manifesto to keep things scrappy, exciting and ever-changing, no matter what it might look like to others.

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