Many creatives and agencies find their courage deserts them when touting for new business, talking deals, legals and money.

As a creative head and then FD of several very different companies, Erica Wolfe-Murray had to face her fears. Now she helps agencies grow. So bolster your courage with some of her quick, easy-to-adapt tips that could revolutionise your business.

About the speaker

Founder of Lola Media, imaginative innovator Erica Wolfe-Murray has worked with over 200 creative, cultural and tech companies in the last six years’ alone. With a determined belief in the power of creativity to build value, she totally rethinks/reframes companies’ output, their financial models and their legal frameworks to deliver better results, more revenue streams and owned IP, leading to growth and improved resilience.

With a background in advertising, design, tv production, digital, licensing, she has been both a creative head and an FD. Her passion for ensuring creative companies unearth, develop and harness their intellectual assets has brought her clients such as NB Studio, GBH, D&AD, Re as well as global pattern experts Patternity. She has had a jv with National Geographic, worked with the UK Intellectual Property Office, Parliament as well brands such as Puma and Harvey Nichols.

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