Eric Torres

November 18, 8:30am - 10:00am MST. Hosted at CO+HOOTS

part of a series on Fantasy

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FANTASTY is the bridge that connects the seemingly impossible with the possible, + is the greatest gift of our species : #creativity. Join #cmphx + Eric Torres ( @ericimagines ) at Co+Hoots ( @cohootsphx ) on Friday, November 18.

By day, Eric works as an Art Director for a global tech company … but by night, he #imagines + brings his love of FANTASY to life through beautiful creations. Living a creative lifestyle, Eric draws inspiration from his environment + everything that made being a kid great in the 80’s – sic-fi, video/board games, manga comics, + Legos! Sharing many experience with his family, Eric sees + appreciates beauty in everything.

Thank you to AIGA AZ ( @aigaarizona ) for breakfast + coffee.

The theme was chosen by our Lima chapter, presented globally by Shutterstock + illustrated by Hayden Davis.

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