Ellie Anico talks about how digital platforms can help end ignorance on socially-relevant issues.

One of the most important factors in furthering a cause is authenticity. Staying true to what you believe in and being able to effectively communicate that through various digital platforms is one way of starting a conversation, thus making your community more aware of social issues that you deeply care about. Using the Global Conservation Corps’ and Friendly Human’s upcoming Rhinoman as an example, Ellie talks about how good stories can produce good people.

About the speaker

With several years working in the advertising and marketing industry, Ellie Anico knows exactly how to find the truth amidst all the digital noise. And in her years, she discovered one truth - good stories spread like wildfire and authentic narratives quelch ignorance. As such, her work with Friendly Human is geared towards empowering NGOs around the world to realize the full extent of their influence through engaging narratives that encourage action.

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