Elena Calistru on ‘Justice'

August 30, 7:30am - 10:00am EEST. Hosted at AMBASADA

part of a series on Justice

About the speaker

Elena Calistru is the chair and founder of Funky Citizens, a Romanian NGO that builds research-based, data-driven online advocacy tools. Their tools aim to be educational and actionable, encouraging citizens to engage in accountability and government responsibility initiatives in which they can see an impact.

Elena has over 8 years experience in civil society projects, both at national and international level. Her expertise is mainly in the area of good governance, transparency, public finance and advocacy. She strongly believes that data and online tools can empower citizens to influence public sector reform.


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Additional details

August is about JUSTICE —– There is one person that we have wanted to talk on this topic and that is Elena Calistru! She might not need much of an introduction, but if, by some odd situation you haven’t heard about her or Funky Citizens, here’s a bit of context:

Justice can be a path to healing in fractured times.

When we envision moments related to justice, we often think of suits, a gavel hitting the surface of a desk, or people marching in the streets. Change happens when enough people raise their hands to work together.

Author Omid Safi wrote, “Justice is love, embodied. We cannot speak of love without linking it to justice, nor of justice unless it is permeated by love.” Justice is restorative when empathetic and innovative solutions are brought to the forefront.

Through generous listening, we all hold the ability to form moments where people can feel safe, strong, and at ease.

Our Bratislava chapter chose this month’s exploration of Justice and Simona Cechova illustrated the theme.

August 30th, 7:30 AM, see you all there! Tickets are out August 26th. Stay tuned - we will remind you ♥

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