Dr. Katherine Wilson

September 22, 8:30am - 10:00am CDT. Hosted at UWM SARUP Mobile Design Box

part of a series on Compassion

About the speaker

Interested in community building at both the local and global level, Dr. Katherine Wilson serves as the Executive Director of the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion, a nonprofit whose mission is to foster civil dialogue and invite trust in the midst of differences. As director, she has developed over 30 programs including a facilitator training program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and locally, Police and Resident Listening Circles between the Milwaukee Police Department and five communities. She also serves as Associate Director of Greater Together. Katherine received a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with research in genocide studies and testimony. She has conducted independent research in international criminal law, genocide and human rights in Cambodia, East Timor, Poland, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, and Rwanda.

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