Using the elements of composition - line, space, colour, value, Don Victor surfaces new meanings in the known paintings.

Don Victor shows us how we can understand the intention of the artist with the help of design methodologies and critical thinking. Looking beyond paint and the obvious feels like finally beholding the whole iceberg after catching the sight of the top.

About the speaker

Don Victor is obsessed with teaching artists to compose and art lovers decompose classic art.

As the founder and director of the Academy of Composition he mentors artists in advanced composition and storytelling. He is a man on a mission - to empower others to understand the power of composition.

He believes if artists, creatives, collectors and the public can develop a basic literacy in the language of Design, the world would express, look and feel far more beautiful.

To achieve this mission, Don Victor teaches professional artists, does composition-centric critiques, workshops and lectures. He emphasizes the magic of a painting is BEYOND the paint.

Don Victor’s lecture will lead you through a powerful process of analysis. You will be spellbound as he reveals the way artists from Caravaggio to Rockwell planned their compositions to tell their stories better.

Come and be prepared to see beyond what you’re looking at. Don Victor promises you, “You will never see Art the same way again.”

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