Denis Buta on ‘End'

July 26, 7:30am - 10:00am EEST. Hosted at AMBASADA

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We can’t believe it’s already July… and what a July we’re having!!! We’re already planning the END of it, like the theme of the month, with a very special guest! Dear friend and great guy, we are very eager to introduce him to the world of CreativeMornings! Denis Buta manages, starting with 2015, a placement center providing support and guidance to abandoned youngsters. He works with them, with vision, empathy and courage, during one of their most challenging times, when they just enter adulthood. The goal of Denis’s team do is to make sure that these youngsters are prepared to live a good life (a nice place to live, a job, a network of support) and will not need to come back once they are out of the state protection system. The way he makes them feel safe, accepted and valued is essential to his success. Living for almost 20 years in different orphanages himself (including the one he currently leads), he gives now meaning and love to the ones needing it the most. Before that, Denis worked as a legal adviser in a private company. He graduated from law school and has a masters degree in sociology and psychology, speaks four languages and supports, as a volunteer, two non profit organizations from Timisoara. July 26th, 7:30 AM, see you all there! Tickets are out July 22nd! #poweredbyFlex #drivenbyCasaAuto