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After 23 years in corporate America, I could no longer avoid the “tug” of my soul to make some changes in my life. In 2010 I began the journey to more closely follow my soul’s guidance. I knew I needed to mind my vibrational existence in a way that would better serve myself and others. I also knew that everything I had done, everything I had accomplished up to this point were the building blocks for my new journey.

While I grew up with music, singing in the choir and playing in the band, I felt a new and different connection with sound. After experiencing the gongs and bowls for the first time, I was immediately drawn to sound in a way I had never before experienced. In 2014, I purchased my 1st gong. I found myself longing for knowledge about sound, its history, its ability to heal and am following different paths to fulfill that longing through workshops, classes, self-research and discovery! On my journey, I continue to add to my arsenal of sound healing tools I have since added more gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan healing bowls and more. I continue to be drawn by different sounds & frequencies and its innate connection with healing the body on many levels: emotional, spiritual & physical.

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