Decrease Stress and Boost Creativity with Improv Principles

About this FieldTrip

Do you have a creative project that seems stressful, overwhelming, or unappealing? Suffering from a creative block? Bring said project to this FieldTrip and see how improv principles can help you de-stress and get back into the creative flow.

Join improv expert Clay Drinko, Ph.D., and play improv-inspired exercises from his new book Play Your Way Sane that will help you calm down, get more positive, and boost your creativity. Bring a current creative project so you can see how improv principles can help you maximize your creativity.

About your Host
Clay Drinko, Ph.D is an author, educator, and improv expert. He’s a regular contributor at Psychology Today and Lifehack and the author of two books: Theatrical Improvisation, Consciousness, and Cognition and Play Your Way Sane: 120-Improv-Inspired Exercises to Help You Calm Down, Stop Spiraling, and Embrace Uncertainty (published by Simon & Schuster and available now).

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