Make a choice, they’re yours to take. Get that life begins when you celebrate the decisions you make.

This talk is unlike any other and is David’s debut inside the art of storytelling through spoken word and slam poetry. He will guide you through his own tenuous journey of choice and self-discovery; the battle with the fears that held him down and the drive that comes from choosing to do what really matters for you. “All of us (whether you choose to see it or not) have had some pretty incredible things happen to us, they define who we are. What we do with these insights and lessons is the prize.” His request as you listen would be to reflect back on the directions you’ve taken when those moments happened in your life.

About the speaker

David Schmeikal was born in Calgary, lived on the west coast for 15 years before settling in back home. He believes people and businesses should spend more time uncovering their big dreams; tell the truth and not be afraid to make ripples. David sees the lesson’s in everything and enjoys talking about the shit we’re told is not appropriate to talk about, you know life. The magic that worked and the crap that didn’t. The dreams we aspire to and the challenges that stop us from pursuing them. Those are the stories that define and mould us into the people we are.

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