Design challenges of taking Devanagari script into modern screens

Dave talks about the challenges around using web fonts in India and the process of designing new Devanagari fonts for the web. There are also specific creative challenges in Indian typography, also dealing with the history of adapting Indian writing to new technologies. He also throws light on the importance of sharing culture (open source fonts).

About the speaker

Dave is interested in visual arts and computers, and studied in the BA Interaction Design programme at Ravensbourne College in London. By the time he graduated in 2006, he was fascinated with the potential of software freedom for graphic design and typography. Dave decided to free fonts. He attended the University of Reading’s MA Typeface Design post-graduate course, and wrote a dissertation relating the history of the software freedom movement to font design. Dave’s student font project “Cantarell” was included in the launch of Google Fonts and chosen as the default User Interface font for GNOME 3. Today Dave is consulting for the Google Fonts project, commissioning new typefaces designed for the web, and offering lectures on font design around the world.

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